Sunday Worship (What to expect)

Sunday Worship

What to expect:

When You Arrive

Service Starts at 10:30AM

Most of our church family dress very casually, but come in whatever you feel most comfortable wearing. We are a diverse and international community, so traditional or cultural clothing is welcome!

Once you arrive, please park in the large parking lot on Crump Street, or on the street on McLean or Jackson.

Our Greeters will be the first to welcome you. They will help you find anything including: Kids Check-In, bathrooms, coffee, Spanish Translations, and the Worship Center (we lovingly call the Gymtuary) where the Sunday service takes place. They will be glad to answer any questions you have!

What To Expect:

During our Service

Our service is a blend of music, testimony, liturgy, and walking through scripture together. Our congregation is made up of many different traditions and cultural experiences. We attempt to honor those traditions, while leaning on the continuing work of the Holy Spirit. We sing contemporary worship anthems, gospel, and hymns that illuminate the word of God. We take communion each week, and offer that to all baptized believers of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Songs

Here are a few songs you can expect at Mosaic. This is by no means everything we do, and style changes based on our band that week. However, this is a strong representation of the kind of worship through song you will experience on Sundays.